MindTrek VR powered by Zero Latency is a free-roam, multiplayer virtual reality game experience.


For those who desire a private event, our events staff would be happy to work with you to book your event during both public or non-public hours. With 2 arenas going simultaneously, we can easily rotate through larger groups.

If you are coming with less than 9 people or do not need your event customized, you can simply purchase tickets here

Each game holds up to 8 players. Larger groups will need to purchase tickets to multiple games. (Example: 12 players could buy 6 tickets to a 1pm game and 6 tickets to a 1:30pm game).

Keep in mind, we release tickets each Monday for 3 weeks in advance.


  • 45-minute experience (15 minutes brief/gear & 30 minutes game play)
    $400 per arena. Each game holds 8 players
  • 60-minute experience (15 minutes brief/gear & 45 minutes game play)
    $550 per arena. Each game holds 8 players

Events held during our non-public hours have customizable options including, but not limited to, catering and use of private meeting space.

Find the MindTrek VR location closest to you using the Locations tab above.


Private events may customize their experience.

  • Zombie Survival- Compete against your friends and protect your fort from hordes of killer zombies! 15-minute game, our most popular
  • Singularity-  Fight your way through killer robots, rogue drones in merciless gun turrets to reclaim the high-tech military black-site.  How will you fair against Al?   30-minute game
  • Engineerium- You are transformed into an ethereal, ancient alien, you must work with your clan to ascend through mind-bending, mystical world to be reunited with your tribe.  15-minute game