X-Arc VR features the most sophisticated arcade-style VR games in North America.
Step into our Esports Arena & compete against your friends, or level-up and compete
against the world’s best Esports Athletes. Console Corner is where you #PlayTogether
& play for FREE while you wait to step into the future of gaming & entertainment.

X-Arc (Woburn Only)

We are proud to be the first location in the US to offer X-Arc powered by PlayVR which allows up to 4 players at a time to compete in 10 minute VR games including:

– Beat Saber (VR rhythm game where you slash the beats to fit perfectly into precisely handcrafted music)

– Creed: Rise to Glory (Step in the ring and fight against the most iconic figures of the
Rocky cinematic universe)

– RevolVR 2.0 (PvP wild west shootout)

– Shooty Fruity (Scan groceries and shoot aggressive mutant fruit)

– Space Pirate Trainer (Use a blaster and laser sword to train to be a pirate of the future)

$10 Per person for 10 minutes

$20 Per person for 20 minutes

$25 Per person for 30 minutes

*First come first serve

– Alpha CentaVR (40 minute virtual escape room)

$29 Per person for Virtual Escape Room

Esports Arena (Woburn Only)

Game like a pro on our 12 super high-end PC gaming stations where you
and your friends can compete and cooperate online. Tournaments, leagues,
events and training camps!

*First come, first serve.

$5 per station for 30 minutes

$10 per station for 60 minutes

$18 per station for 2 hours

Console Corner (Woburn Only)

#PlayTogether for FREE while you wait to step into the future of gaming.