The largest untethered motion-capture virtual reality multiplayer arena IN THE COUNTRY just opened in Woburn, of all places. But get ready, because this isn’t just you and a friend wired up with some goggles on. This is a full backpack-computer, unleashed VR experience where you and up to 16 friends can take to the Tron-esque playground inside the Mindtrek VR compound at Cummings Park.

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Virtual Reality on a Social Scale

Despite the hype, virtual reality systems such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have seen sluggish sales. But one east coast company is convinced that VR will grow if it brings people together. Bloomberg's Anne Mostue goes inside MindTrek VR's new virtual reality arena, located outside Boston, to test it out.

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Virtual reality gaming arena MindTrek opens second location in Marlborough

A Massachusetts company called MindTrek VR is opening its second virtual reality gaming arena in Massachusetts, where players can run around shooting digital zombies or exploring alien worlds with the help of a VR headset and a room full of sensors.

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You May Now Slaughter VR Zombies In Woburn

Depending on who you talk to, virtual reality is either a one-off fad for the curious, or the future of everything from social gaming to training elite military squads for real-life life-and-death scenarios.But now with Mindtrek VR, the new 4,000 square foot warehouse of multiplayer shoot-em-up zombie-killing fun-time zone in Woburn (slated to open to the public as early as Sept 1), it is something else entirely.

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Mindtrek virtual reality game takes players inside the zombie apocalypse in Marlborough

Things looked bleak. We were pinned at the top of a ramshackle tower, the zombie horde encroaching from all directions. Thankfully, we had a rapper and teacher with us, and both were packing heat.

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Zombie-shooter virtual reality arena coming to Philly

MindTrek VR says it will build a free-roaming, virtual reality gaming arena in Philadelphia in 2018. The arena will be powered on technology developed by Zero Latency, an Australian tech company.

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MindTrek, a Woburn arena, aims to step up the VR game

At Mind Trek VR in Woburn, players demon-strated the games while Anthony Giglio at the Game Master Station provided support to the participants, who carry high-tech gear in backpacks.

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Game On At MindTrek

The Hub Today's Romeo heads MindTrek VR,  the first virtual reality arena in the United Sates.

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America’s Largest VR Arena Gets Second Location, NJ and Philadelphia to Come

If you’re one of the unlucky few that are still waiting for an immersive warehouse-scale virtual reality (VR) experience to open at a location near you, well, you might be in luck – if you live near New England, that is. MindTrek VR is the largest free-roaming VR gaming company in the USA, and now they’ve opened their second Massachusetts location, in the new Apex Center, Marlborough.

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Mass. town home to largest virtual reality arena in country

MindTrek in Woburn is ready to take you on a journey. Maybe you've worn virtual reality goggles before, but not like this. What you see and hear is all about to change. Here players are immersed in whatever world has taken over this warehouse. This is a free roam, virtual reality arena – you're not tied to a computer, your body is the controller and your brain is going to feel like it's real.

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Coming to Greater Boston: It's Like Virtual Reality Meets Laser Tag

David O'Connor remembers when he first stepped into a virtual reality arena in Melbourne, Australia. With a VR headset connected to a portable computer in his backpack, O'Connor and his business partners were able to roam free in virtual worlds — unlike most home VR systems that are grounded with a bevy of cables that amount to a short leash.

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MindTrek VR on WBZ NewsRadio 1030

Co-founder David O'Connor talks with WBZ NewsRadio Boston about MindTrek VR's Woburn opening and how virtual reality is the new social form of entertainment, likening it to paintball or laser tag but in a VR setting.

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MindTrek VR Co-Founder David O'Connor on Bloomberg Baystate Business Hour

MindTrek VR co-founder David O'Connor discusses the Woburn location opening and what to expect in the Northeast’s first free-roaming virtual reality arena on Bloomberg.

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Zero Latency 2.0: New Levels In Virtual Reality

When I tried it in mid-2015, I was blown away by Zero Latency's immersive virtual reality — completely wireless, free roaming, warehouse-sized VR, built in Melbourne.

Almost two years on, the fundamentals are the same, but the Zero Latency experience is more refined than it has ever been. And that means new things are possible.

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'Zombie Survival' Opens In Tokyo: The World's Most Advanced Free-Roam VR Experience

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Zombies have infiltrated Sega’s Joypolis theme park in Tokyo's Odaiba district, and it’s your job to crossover into their virtual world and stop the apocalypse of the undead.

Sounds a little intense? It should be as this VR experience is a mind-bending look into the future, a future of total immersion.Step through the portal-like door into the Tron-meets-Matrix-like playing arena and you leave the real world behind. 

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Fightings Zombies with Zero Latency is Virtual Reality Gaming at its Best

If you've ever wondered how you'd act in a real-life zombie apocalypse, Zero Latency will let you — happily or unhappily — find out.

The Melbourne-based company have developed a system they're calling "multiplayer free-roam" virtual reality gaming. I tried it Saturday during the gaming convention PAX Australia, and the results were just what you'd want them to be: Shaky arms, an accelerated heart rate and adrenaline levels that didn't go down for hours.

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We Killed Zombies at Melbourne’s Virtual Reality Game Centre—And It Was Crazy

Last month, Australia's first virtual reality game centre opened in Melbourne; the first in the world to offer a free-roam multi-player capacity. Naturally, we wanted to check it out. Nothing can quite prepare you for what you’re about to experience upon entering this fairly inconspicuous warehouse space in North Melbourne. We’re both avid fans of video games but neither of us had used virtual reality before. Going in, we didn’t think that it would be quite as realistic, in terms of immersion and graphics, as it was; it really exceeded all expectations.

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Zero Latency: The VR revolution begins in Melbourne, Australia

Stepping onto the large freight elevator, my body sways to keep balanced as the rising platform lifts me into the zombie-infested city above. Yet my conscious mind knows I'm actually standing on unmoving concrete and that the sense of motion is all in my head.

I've been playing Zero Latency for mere moments and already I'm amazed at how it overwhelms my senses. This is the world's largest virtual reality (VR) attraction, and its doors open August 15 in North Melbourne, Australia.

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This Is Zero Latency, The Future Of Immersive Gaming

My hands are sweaty. The gun I'm holding is heavy. I'm stressed already. I feel like I've been running for hours. "Where are they?" "I don't know. Why is it so quiet in here?" The dark room we're in is deathly silent, eerily still and incredibly dark. The flashlights mounted on our rifles barely light up the end of the hall we're walking towards, inching forward and stepping around the floor-to-ceiling shelves that throw shadows up against the walls and continue to frighten the hell out of us.

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